EFQM Excellence Model 2020 : the process so far !

As with any other organisation in the world today, EFQM finds itself operating in an environment where changes happen at a rapid and relentless pace, where new global shifts have implications for society, industries and organisations, both today and into the future.

This is why EFQM has decided it is time to review once again its Excellence Model, and, as with previous renewals, to make sure that the Model always represents leading edge thinking, we gather input from role-model organisations and from studies of those organisations and their CEOs.

As you may know, the process for renewal is already underway, starting with the creation of a Core Team to drive the process and this team recently developed a survey as the first part of its data gathering. Even though the team did their best to “simplify” the questionnaire, nonetheless it was a marathon!

Perhaps the size of the task facing respondents was best summed up by a comment made by one of the respondents in answering the final question…..
« Thanks for the detailed questionnaire, and thorough review of the model! By the way, I am wondering how many people could have come to step 86 like me” –
In fact, to answer the comment above, we are delighted to say that we received over 1200 responses to the survey we launched! We truly value the information you have provided. Your responses will significantly contribute to our renewal process.

Another respondent said….
“It is evident that the model needs development. I strongly recommend that you take the feedback from a representative sample from all stakeholders involved in the EFQM Model especially from people who experienced the assessment against the Model and from organisations that implemented the model in addition to experts from the Academia and various sectors of the business”.

This is certainly the case. The EFQM Core Team is stakeholder based, being composed of people from large companies, EFQM Partners, Public Sector, Academia, Trainers and Assessors.
On September 20th and 21st, the first session with the Core Team was held, in the EFQM offices in Brussels, where the team started to digest the feedback provided by you to the best of their abilities. A further three Core Team meetings are scheduled between now and March 2019.

The deadline for completion of the content for the new EFQM Model in English is June 28th 2019 (the BETA version). The 2020 EFQM Excellence Model will be launched at our annual Forum in October 2019, including all major languages, produced with the help of our Partners.

Check out the below video on what one of our Core Team members has to say about the process so far

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