Establishment of the Hamdan – EFQM Educational Excellence Award

Establishment of the Hamdan – EFQM Educational Excellence Award to improve the quality of education

The Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance signed an agreement with EFQM for the establishment of an educational excellence award and a comprehensive model for schools in United Arab Emirates.

The agreement was signed by HE Dr. Khalifa Ali Al Suwaidi, member of the Board of Trustees, and Leon Tossaint, Chief Executive Officer of EFQM in the presence of EFQM Board Directors chaired by Dr. Paul Little, representatives from Hamdan Foundation and the EFQM Middle East office Manager. The signing ceremony took place at the EFQM Forum in Vienna, Austria.

The project aims to establish an internationally recognized excellence educational award in accordance with international standards that contribute to improving the quality of education, the educational outcomes, adopting and implementing the excellence model, and establishing a platform for sharing best practices among schools.

Leon Tossaint, EFQM Chief Executive Officer commented; EFQM is excited to take part in this award and contributing to the achievement of one of the most important objectives of Dubai which will enhance the ability of the Emirate to build its capacity.  EFQM will draw on its unmatchable experience with the world leading management and business excellence framework adopted by leading organizations across continents.

By introducing this unique award, EFQM will strengthen the steps already taken by the Emirate in unifying the education institution management framework and elevating their performance to leading international levels. The award will recognize the strive of institutions towards installing the school of the future for the future leaders which is in line with the Country leadership vision and strategic priorities.

From his side, HE Dr. Khalifa Al Suwaidi highlighted that Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance is keen to achieve its objectives through diversification of services and initiatives and introducing programs and projects with aim to improve the educational service in accordance with international educational standards and best practices and by expanding its partnerships with organizations. Stressing on the importance of encouraging the community and educational institutions by offering local and international educational awards in various categories based on international standards of excellence and educational quality.

Utilizing the expertise of both parties, the project will undergo different phases including development of an educational award model derived from EFQM Excellence model, the criteria and assessment methodology will be developed taken into account the educational sector in the UAE while adopting best practices. The pilot assessment will be conducted to evaluate the newly developed model and the first assessment cycle will take place in 2020.


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