KalDer held their 27th Quality Congress on ‘Sustainable Common Future’

KalDer 27th Quality Congress hosts over 2,000 people

National Cooperation Partner of the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM), Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer) is proud to have held the Quality Congress successfully for the 27th time, as one of the most efficient management organisations of Europe, as well as nationally.

Taking place on the 13th and 14th November 2018 at the Zorlu Performance Arts Center with the theme ‘Sustainable Common Future’ was one of the most admired congresses of all times with session titles, 63 presenters and 84% appreciation rate.

Many topics such as sustainability and development objectives, climate change, 21st Century economics, agriculture, food and water management, technologies moving into the future, management quality and institutionalisation at SME’s, social gender equality, energy, young entrepreneurship, education, urbanisation and the future of nature that affect sustainability were discussed at the 27th Quality Congress attended by over 2000 individuals.

The opening speeches of this event including 62 presenters were made by Darüşşafaka Education Institution official İdil Şimşek, KalDer CEO Buket Eminoğlu, Tüsiad CEO Erol Bilecik AND EFQM CEO Russell Longmuir. 2018 Turkey Perfection Awards Ceremony opening speeches were made by EFQM COO Gianluca Mule and TMYÖK President Songül Öncel.

Held with the collaboration of Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer) and the Turkish Industrialists and Business People's Association (TÜSİAD), this great event ended with the 2018 Turkey Perfection Awards Ceremony, cited among the most prestigious awards of the business community.

Thus, the number of establishments and businesses having won Turkey Perfection Awards rose to 59.

Buket Eminoğlu: We must act instead of only worrying

Stating that the theme ‘Sustainable Common Future’ makes all parts of society into stakeholders, KalDer CEO Buket Eminoğlu mentioned that humanity mostly ignores laws of nature when running after economic growth and welfare.

Buket Eminoğlu said:  “We saw ourselves above nature’s laws of selection and we chose to shape the world with our smart designs and overlooked natural balances with our greed. We destroyed natural balances so much that we realised too late that we were moving to an unsustainable future unless we change our way of life.

In this sense, the 27th Quality Congress became a stakeholder’s platform bringing together all segments of society including business people, scientists, artists and children, allowing them to self-criticise with valuable data. It was looking as though everything was going well globally at the start of the 21st Century but humanity is now watching world events with concern. As we defend quality in life, we are looking for ways to fulfill our responsibilities rather than just worrying. We are working for establishments and businesses to improve their management qualities and believe in the necessity of joining around common values.”

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