The best companies in Europe. The road to excellence!

Water is a basic is a fundamental human right. Its purity and accessibility directly impacts the quality of our lives. Water and sewer industry, unlike most specialisations, is closely tied with the condition of the natural environment. That is why it is so important that companies working in this sector use management systems that go beyond their legal obligations and instead choose social responsibility as their main driver.

As a strategic company for the growth of the city of Wrocław, we strive for excellence in every undertaken action and challenge. This objective encourages us to compare ourselves to the best in the business and to implement innovative solutions, which allow us to constantly improve the quality of our services and efficiently meet the needs of our customers. We wish to share our good practices and to learn from the best, that is why on the behalf of MPWIK S.A Wrocław I would like to invite you to the international conference “The best companies in Europe. The road to excellence.” organised with the help of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and its representative from Brussels.

The conference agenda includes such topics as: improving the quality of company management using the EFQM model, digital transformation of business or cooperation between universities and businesses and industries in the area of research and innovations. Speakers will include both guests from the domestic businesses and the international area, including the recipient of the EFQM Global Excellence Award. We will be happy to discuss with you the idea of improving company management with the EFQM model. moreover we will share our best practices.

Let’s meet on 16th of May at 9.00 AM in Wrocław Congress Centre – the Centennial Hall.
Kind regards,
Witold Ziomek
President of the Board MPWiK

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