EFQM European Partners Meeting in Budapest – April 2019

On Monday the 1st and Tuesday the 2nd of April 2019, the EFQM European Partners met in Budapest.

Gianluca Mule, COO, presented the new EFQM direction, and with Ignacio Babé (chairman of the EFQM partner council) they shared the draft of the new model 2020. All the Partners present provided their feedback which was well received and very useful moving forward. The Partners then worked together on how to refine the training programmes and assessment process absorbing the input from national practitioners.

We are very pleased that we were able to develop with Partners from Europe some great input for the EFQM Model renewal and lots of new ideas for delivering additional value to the community.

On Tuesday 2nd of April, the EFQM Partner Delegation had the pleasure to learn how Zalazone (https://zalazone.hu) proving ground in Hungary benefitted from an EFQM approach in the genesis and evolvment of the project and how it will be using the EFQM approach for the metamorphosis and pultiplication phases. EFQM signed a letter of intent to support the proving ground with the excellence programme in boosting sharing, providing insights and inspiration and in driving strategic action!


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