EFQM Community on Totem

Totem is the EFQM way to connect with your peers, reward others and share what works.

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our community app called Totem where everyone in our network – members, partners, EFQM Award assessors … is able to connect, converse and share thoughts, best practice, ask questions and have some fun – a world of a few thousand organisations and people opened up. The whole EFQM Team is waiting for you in there already.

You will find the following sections in Totem:
The Newsfeed is the heart of Totem, where members can view a mix of information and what is happening within the community. On Totem, you can post text, image, video or share weblinks. Anyone in Totem can like or comment on a post, mention a colleague, create a public dialogue, and mostly keep in touch.

The dashboard is home for the essential information: interesting events, challenges or info cards.

The Kudos is your way of providing peer-to-peer feedback, essential in driving a positive culture and improving performance. Kudos is a public feedback system designed to encourage recognition habits across the community. Anyone can give Kudos to celebrate people, welcome people, appreciate or congratulate people.

If you are an EFQM member, partner, assessor and you wish to join the EFQM Community on Totem, please send us an email: info@efqm.org!

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