How is the EFQM Model 2020 development doing?

How is the EFQM Model 2020 development doing?

The 2020 EFQM Model development is going to plan and there are a few key milestones in the weeks to come:

  • Co-development: The Members of the Core Team, involved in the project since September 2018, have contributed to a draft of the 2020 Model that is now in its testing phase with 26 organisations from across Europe and the UAE actively probing the construct and content of the Model and associated RADAR Logic. This co-development phase and the valuable feedback we will receive are key to finalising the content and structure of the 2020 EFQM Model towards the end of June.
  • Interviews with top executives: The engagement of executives in the deployment of such Models is key to their successful implementation. Between November 2018 and March 2019, EFQM conducted over 60 interviews of executives, representing a wide range of industry sectors, in Europe and beyond, large and small, private and public organisations. Based on the outcome of these interviews, we are proposing to write a limited number of articles on what is key to the hearts and minds of these Executives, what is it that keeps them awake at night, what are their views on the future of businesses and management trends. The first article will be published in the coming weeks.
  • A video-interview featuring Russell Longmuir, CEO of EFQM and Geoff Carter, 2020 EFQM Model Development Programme Advisor, will be published later this month. This video will be your opportunity to uncover more on the Model 2020’s foundations and how it will support organisations not just in managing for today but also the future.
All this will lead to the launch of the 2020 EFQM Model in Helsinki at the EFQM Forum on 23 & 24 October. Don’t miss out this event!

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