EFQM supports the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The EFQM Model, a globally recognised framework that supports organisations in managing change and improving performance, has experienced a number of improvement cycles over the years to make sure that it not only remains relevant but continues to set the management agenda for any organisation wanting a long term, sustainable future.

Whilst the specific content and visual identity of the EFQM Model may have changed over time, what has not changed are the underlying principles on which it is based. Regardless of the size of the organisation or whether it is public, private or third sector, these principles are as important today as they have ever been and this latest edition of the EFQM Model is no different in continuing to stress the importance of:

  • The primacy of the customer
  • The need to take a long term, stakeholder centric view
  • Understanding the cause and effect linkages between why an organisation does something, how it does it and what it achieves as a consequence of its actions.


The Foundation recognises the role that organisations can play in supporting the goals of the United Nations and these goals have also helped to shape this latest edition of the EFQM Model:

  • The United Nations Global Compact (2000). Ten principles for sustainable and socially responsible business. www.unglobalcompact.org
  • The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries to promote social equity, sound governance and prosperity while protecting the planet.

There is an assumption and expectation that any organisation using the EFQM Model will respect and act upon the essence of the messages contained in the above, regardless of whether it is legally obliged to do so or not.

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  1. It is refreshing to see former and new EFQM colleagues continuing to reform the EFQM model ensuring that it not only engages with the continually changing world but also anticipates the future. This does not just simply keep up with developments but actually CREATES them. Fantastic work everyone.


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