The New EFQM Model: Update #2: Scoring Criteria 3 & 6

EFQM Model Update #2: Scoring Criteria 3 & 6

You will remember that earlier this year we shared with you our first communique to keep you up to date with matters linked to the introduction of the new EFQM Model and associated RADAR logic into the marketplace. This was based on an FAQ structure and in case you missed it first time around, you can still see the information by clicking on:

This second communique is to advise you of decisions we have taken regarding the scoring for:

–       Criterion 3 (Engaging Stakeholders)

–       Criterion 6 (Stakeholder Perceptions)

Please click on the link below to read more details about the decision we have taken and how we will be progressing for the rest of 2020

Full Model Update

4 thoughts on “The New EFQM Model: Update #2: Scoring Criteria 3 & 6”

  1. Hello ser/madam
    Thanks for your explanation. It seems Assessors to be facing a new challenge in assessment,Because they must identify stakeholders of the organization carefully. Then diagnose weighting factors in parts of criterions 3 and 6 are correct or false. They also need to first to be sure that strategic planning of the organization is correct and then score the criterion 7. While we know that in some organizations strategic planning have become a show. What is your diagnostic tool/s for correct or incorrect organization strategic planning? Can AssessBase help Assessors to diagnose it, or are there any other tool/s?
    With Best regards


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