How the EFQM Model can help you get through a crisis

Dear EFQM Network, 

In 1665, Isaac Newton left Cambridge University to self-isolate and avoid the pandemic that was sweeping Europe. While working from home, he saw an apple fall.

Pandemics press the fast-forward button on history. And Coronavirus is no exception.

We’re witnessing unprecedented and immediate change across every aspect of society.

Seeing a family doctor by video has quickly become the norm, rather than the exception. Restaurant suppliers have pivoted to home-delivery. And students are now being taught in virtual classrooms all over the world.

Every organisation is being affected, and no-one knows what the ‘new normal’ will eventually be. Or how long the transition will take before we get there.

As you’d expect, we have already adapted the way we work. Our products and all of our EFQM training is now 100% online.

How EFQM can help your organisation through Covid-19

  1. Sign up to our Foundation or Innovation Course. We have recently added a new module to both courses specifically to help organisations change and adapt to cope with Covid-19. Feedback so far has been excellent.

    If you’ve been wondering about when to sign up to our courses, now is the perfect time.
  2. Do a quick ‘health-check’ on your own organisation. We have produced two new tools to help you do so.
    • If you’re new to EFQM – check out our infographic which suggests the sorts of questions you should be asking
    • For more detail on the questions to ask check out our free Disruption self-assessment tool on Assess Base, the new home for Digital EFQM Assessments.

Wherever you are in the world, we wish you all the best both personally and professionally. And if you need support from others in the EFQM community to help you get through – please just ask for it.

Best regards

Russell Longmuir

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