Bosch the global IoT solutions leader endorses the EFQM Model

Bosch, the global IoT solutions leader has confirmed that it will align its business to the EFQM Model and technology platform to drive change and transformation.

Russell Longmuir, CEO of EFQM, said “Bosch Blaichach/Immenstadt has been working with EFQM since 2002 and in 2017 it received the highest distinction of the EFQM Award. Many other Bosch businesses around the world have also committed to using our world leading model and technology to drive change and transformation”

Bosch Associates from Blaichach/Immenstadt shared their impressions on the EFQM Model 2020.

How important is it that the EFQM Model drives change and transformation?

Michael Juhas, Coordinator Business Excellence at Bosch Blaichach said:

Many organisations concentrate on running their operations. Using the model and putting more focus on how to continiously change the organisation is vital to overcome the challenges in your business environment today and tomorrow. So creating sustainable value is now more important than ever.

How vital is it that the new model helps organisations focus on future performance?

Marcus Strauß, Director Service und Preventive Maintenance stated: 

Formerly the EFQM Model tended to emphasise historical performance and results.

The new model instead focuses not only on looking back on how results have improved but now much more on predictive performance as well as results.  The EFQM Model supports us as we already used predictive data for an example in Maintenance. It supports us also on a strategic level to predict and plan the future.

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