GC Europe @EFQM Global Award Winners Summit


11 DECEMBER 2020 - 10.00-12.00 CET

Discover GC Europe’s secrets behind their success at the last EFQM Global Award and find out more about how the EFQM philosophy has helped them to successfully manage the changes, transformation and disruption they were facing.

This remote event will include:

  • panel session with the team instrumental in GC’s success
  • insights from the assessment team
  • interactive explanations of some of GC Europe’s outstanding practices

GC Europe N.V. (GCE) is the subsidiary of the Japanese GC Corporation (GCC) which is one of the leading dental manufacturers in the world, striving to offer innovation and high-quality products and services for dentistry.

The success of this family-owned business, which will be explained during the Summit, is based on solid principles and a unique culture: a corporate philosophy, drawing from the Japanese wisdom of “Semui” and “No Kokoro”, calls for selfless and objective action, always putting the common good before short-term growth objectives.

The way that GC Europe has been able to successfully use its well established Values and Purpose as a compass for day to day business decisions, has led to results which are in perfect alignment with stakeholder expectations.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from a Role Model organisation.

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