EFQM announce a new Strategic Partnership agreement with China Association for Quality (CAQ)

Established in 1979, CAQ is a national and professional non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by organizations and individuals who are committed to quality management and innovation. Since its foundation, CAQ has strongly supported the deployment of performance improvements models, encouraging organisations to embark on the excellence journey.

Since 2016, EFQM and CAQ have built a long-term cooperation to support organisations in China to achieve and sustain outstanding performance in deploying the EFQM Model.

Russell Longmuir, the EFQM CEO said:

“We are delighted to enter into a global partnership with China Association for Quality. Strategically, China is a very important market for us and we are looking forward to working with them to help deliver our EFQM model to a global audience.”

Dr. Tony (Duan Yonggang), Vice President & Secretary General of CAQ said:

“As the most authoritative professional quality organisation in China, China Association for Quality (CAQ) has been developing cooperation and exchanges with quality organisations in other countries and regions with an open mind. EFQM is an old friend of CAQ. Both parties have mutually compatible missions. The signing of the new agreement will bring the two parties to a higher level of cooperation in promoting organisational change management and operational excellence.”

About EFQM
With offices in London, Brussels and Dubai, EFQM is Owner of the world’s leading management framework. EFQM provides organisational performance improvement technology, data-driven insights, online training and certification for the benefit of organisations worldwide.

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  1. Congratulations EFQM and CAQ with this renewed Strategic Partnership. As Tony said: “EFQM is an old Friend of CAQ”, I am proud I could be part of this.


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