Whether you are new to the Excellence Journey or already on your way for many years; whether you would like to join our network of member organisations but don't know how...there is an EFQM Ambassador and/or an EFQM Member Ambassador ready to share their experience and wisdom with you and to provide the answers to your questions about EFQM.

The EFQM Ambassador Programme

With the EFQM Ambassadors, we aim to offer more direct support to organisations interested in the EFQM Excellence Model or actively using it already and of course our EFQM Member organisations.

The EFQM Member Ambassador Programme

A network of selected EFQM experts (EFQM Representatives, Assessors, etc.) who are succesfully driving excellence within their own –EFQM Member- organisation, and who are willing to share their experience and wisdom with you and to provide the answers to your questions about EFQM.