EFQM Recognition Webinar

Together with the launch of the new EFQM Model, we have launched a new Recognition scheme ! Learn more about it by attending the webinar! Register here!

EFQM Foundation Training – online

This is the essential course for anyone who wants to find out about the EFQM Model and RADAR and how these tools can benefit an organisation. Whilst this training is effective as a stand-alone course, it is also the starting point for all EFQM qualification routes. Who is it for? This course is suitable for … Read more

EFQM Certified Assessor Transformation Training – Online

EFQM Certified Assessor Transformation Training is a 2-day deep dive during which you will be taken through its purpose and vision, the key concepts behind the changes, the amendments we have made and the red threads through each section. You will also gain familiarity with the latest version of EFQM’s diagnostic tool (RADAR) and have the … Read more