To join the EFQM Global Excellence Index your organisation needs to go through an EFQM Recognised for Excellence assessments. Your level in the index is determined by the EFQM scoring, as a result of the carried-out assessment:

Platinum – over 700 points
Gold – over 600 points
Silver – over 500 points
Bronze - over 300 points

Please find below more information about the EFQM Recognised for Excellence assessment:

Recognised for Excellence

Recognised for Excellence provides externally validated analysis of your organisation’s performance and recognises your achievements. It provides you with a framework to increase your competitiveness, productivity and efficiency. You will understand how well your current management practices are delivering the results and you will discover learning and improvement opportunities. The Recognised for Excellence (R4E) assessment is carried out by a team of 3-5 assessors during 3-5 days (the number of assessors and assessment days will be decided based on the size and complexity of your organisation).

If you apply for Recognised for Excellence, you need to create and submit a Management Document (submission document) that consists of the Key Information and Key Results of the organisation and an enabler map. The assessor team will assess you and produce a feedback report against the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence and the 9 criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model. The feedback report also includes the final score of the assessment, and the results can be:

3 Stars (when the organisation scores over 300 points)
• The organisation has demonstrated its ability to lead changes
• Some good management practices are in place and impact positively on the results of the organisation

4 Stars (when the organisation scores over 400 points)
• The organisation performs well in a number of areas and takes change seriously
• Get things done and can demonstrate it has invested in some of the practices that will lead to success
• Results are improving

5 Stars (when the organisation scores over 500 points)
• It is a high performing organisation where change is managed
• Improves, refines and simplifies the practices it uses to achieve its goals
• Achieves results in line with the strategy

Please find below the following documents:
• R4E Applicant Guide: you can find all the information about the assessment for potential applicants
• R4E Application form: this is the document you need to complete and sign in order to apply
• Recognised for Excellence Management Document_template: this is the submission document to complete before the assessment. This would help assessors to be well prepared for the assessment. If you choose to go for this assessment, we will also send you a self-assessment tool that will help you complete the document.
• EFQM Management Document_Guideline: This would also help you prepare the submission document.

The application fee depends on the size and scope of your organisation, and it is also different for EFQM Members or non-members:
• EFQM Member : between 7,000 and 11,000 Euros (excluding VAT)
• Non-Member: between 10,000 and 15,714 Euros (excluding VAT)