Become part of a new network of EFQM Innovation Assessors

The EFQM Innovation Assessor Training is a pass or fail 2-day course that will enable you to develop essential assessment skills using the EFQM Innovation Excellence Builder leading to becoming an EFQM Innovation Excellence Assessor. Successful completion of the EFQM Assessor Training is a prerequisite for attendance.

The EFQM Innovation Assessor Training will further develop your assessor competences and confirm your experience through team work and discussion forums.
This intensive course will be supported by a case study enabling you to perform a close to real-life assessment of an organisation applying for an EFQM Level of Innovation Excellence Recognition.

This training’s purpose is to produce skilled and qualified assessors ready to:

  • Perform robust Innovation Excellence assessments
  • Deliver balanced high-added value feedback for all applicant organisations at both strategic and operational levels

After the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the key elements of an effective Innovation assessment;
  • Apply the concepts and details of the Innovation Model and RADAR tools to review the development and implementation of Innovation Programmes
  • Work together with others in an assessment team environment


The course will be based on an Innovation Excellence Case Study and incorporates a combination of taught input, syndicate activity and role play. The Case Study is based on a real company that has progressed through the Innovation Excellence Process.  Key items in the course content are:

  • Understanding the key elements of the Innovation Excellence Diagnostic
  • Interpreting the Innovation Excellence Criteria
  • Understanding the Scoring Process
  • The Assessment Process – how to interpret the Evidence
  • Conducting a successful Innovation Assessment

Calendar 2019

This 2-day course is delivered in the EFQM Offices in Brussels

All registrations can be done through the EFQM Webshop.

Innovation Assessor Course Registration