EFQM Excellence Model 2020 : the process so far !

As with any other organisation in the world today, EFQM finds itself operating in an environment where changes happen at a rapid and relentless pace, where new global shifts have implications for society, industries and organisations, both today and into the future. This is why EFQM has decided it is time to review once again … Read more


17 October 2018 – VAMED-KMB VAMED-KMB, Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare Sector and four times Prize Winner at the EFQM Excellence Award, is delighted to invite you to a Good Practice Visit on the topic “Setting new standards on the basis of lived excellence“. VAMED-KMB is responsible for the technical operations management of the … Read more

EFQM and Digital Transformation

We often hear the expression: “We are in the Digital Age”, or “It’s not an Era of changes, but a change of Era”. Well, digital platforms, technologies and business models have changed everything; the world nowadays is like a global village, more connected, more informed. However, more opportunities create more risks too. The revolution has … Read more