Certified Advisor Organisations

Certified Advisor Organisations (CAO) are organisations certified by EFQM in providing support with EFQM advisory and consulting services. 

All EFQM Certified Organisations need to be an existing Member of EFQM or will need to join EFQM as a new Member.

All EFQM certified organisations will have the possibility to purchase licenses to access new EFQM digital platforms (Assess Base and Knowledge Base) and re-sell them externally. Information about Assess base and Knowledge Base are available on the EFQM website. 

EFQM Certified Advisor Organisations will be asked to accept and uphold the EFQM Code of Conduct.

What is an EFQM Certified Advisor?

  • EFQM Certified Advisors are experts in helping organisations to implement the EFQM Model and support them with EFQM driven opportunities
  • They have a thorough understanding of the EFQM Model or equivalent programme and can provide guidance and consultancy services to support organisations’ journey with performance and transformation challenges and opportunities
  • EFQM Certified Advisors are listed on the EFQM website underneath the EFQM Certified Advisor Organisation they are affiliated with

Becoming a Certified Advisor

An EFQM Certified Advisor must have, and maintain through attending regular training at EFQM and continuing professional development (CPD), a proven working knowledge of the EFQM Model.

This would include:

  • Being affiliated with an EFQM Certified Advisor Organisation that is an EFQM Member
  • Holding an existing qualification as 2020 EFQM assessor or 2020 EFQM practitioner (or equivalent)
  • Complying with CPD scheme to maintain the qualification
  • Practical experience of implementing the EFQM Model (or equivalent programme) within organisations

We would expect a minimum of 3 references from previous clients that demonstrate they are satisfied with the knowledge and services provided by the applicant.

If you would like to receive more information about how to become a CAO, please contact us at partnerships@efqm.org

To find out which organisations are listed as Certified Advisor Organisations as well as the Certified Advisors, please consult our Directory below.

Certified Advisor Organisations & Certified Advisors

Name of OrganisationNative CountryWebsiteCertified Advisors
Estonian Association for Quality (EAQ) Estoniahttps://www.eaq.ee/en/Tiia Tammaru
KalDer - Turkish Society for QualityTurkeyhttp://www.kalder.org/Mehmet Çoban
Quality Scotland Scotlandhttps://www.qualityscotland.co.uk/Fiona Liddle
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e. V.(DGQ)Germanyhttps://www.dgq.de/
Fundación Colombia ExcelenteColombiahttps://colombiaexcelente.org/Gonzalo Arboleda
Laatukeskus Excellence Finland OyFinlandhttps://www.laatukeskus.fi/
Club Excelencia en Gestion via InnovacionSpainhttps://www.clubexcelencia.org/Ignacio Babé
bmbg consult Germanyhttps://www.bmbg-consult.de/Jan Hendrik Peters
Business Excellence Consulting s.r.oCzech Republichttp://www.becon.cz/Vladimír Braun
Seçkin Consultancy and Training Co. Ltd. TurkeyCelal Seçkin
Core Values Partners, Inc.United Stateshttp://corevaluespartners.com/Paul Grizzell
Developments Operations Quality Strategies (DOQS)Switzerlandhttps://doqs.ch/Frank Paris
EraclitusItalyCorrado Squarzon
Gerhard Leu AGSwitzerlandhttps://g-leu.ch Gerhard Leu
IBK Management Solutions GmbHGermanyhttp://www.ibk.eu/en/aboutus.htmAndreas Dalluege
Institute for Total Quality Management (ITQM)Switzerlandhttp://www.itqm.ch/en/Karl Koller
Lexus-Consultores Lda.Portugalhttp://www.lexus-consultores.pt/José Morais
Ley Hill Solutions United Kingdomhttps://www.leyhill.com/Graham Hull
Ley Hill Solutions United Kingdomhttps://www.leyhill.com/Norman Hughes
Ley Hill Solutions United Kingdomhttps://www.leyhill.com/Sebastian Muir
Ley Hill Solutions United Kingdomhttps://www.leyhill.com/Tom McCormick
NIBLOM Consulting ABSwedenNiklas Blomqvist
Partners4ExcellenceGermanyhttp://partners4excellence.de/Heike Muhlbauer
Partners4ExcellenceGermanyhttp://partners4excellence.de/Norbert Kohlscheen
QMS GmbHGermanyhttp://en.qms.de/Tim Anderson
QMS GmbHGermanyhttp://en.qms.de/Sonja Klein
QMS GmbHGermanyhttp://en.qms.de/Ehrtfried Baeumel
QMS GmbHGermanyhttp://en.qms.de/Markus Garthoff
QMS GmbHGermanyhttp://en.qms.de/Hans Joachim Schneider
qplusresourcesGermanyhttp://www.qplusresources.de/Stefan Hagmann
RS Quality Consulting Belgiumhttp://www.rs-q.eu/Ronny Schepmans
SSB Consult Germanyhttps://www.ssb-consult.de/Thomas Bäuerle
Corporacion de Fomento de la Excelencia de Peru (CORFEP)Peruhttps://corfep.org/Maria Gabriela Rovayo
Foundation for the Development of Wroclaw University of Economics (WROC)Polandhttp://fundacja.ue.wroc.plTadeusz Buchacz
BbestBelgiumwww.bbest.beAlexis Willems
Club Excelencia en Gestion via Innovacion (CEG)SpainClub Excelencia en Gestion via Innovacion (CEG)Miquel Romero
Club Excelencia en Gestion via Innovacion (CEG)Spainhttps://www.clubexcelencia.org/Alfredo Millán
Club Excelencia en Gestion via Innovacion (CEG)Spainhttps://www.clubexcelencia.org/Susana Fábregas
QMS GmbHGermanyhttp://en.qms.de/Mostafa Bagheri
SSB Consult Germanyhttps://www.ssb-consult.de/Andreas Schmidt
CODEFEEcuadorhttps://codefe.org/Gabriel Rovayo
CODEFEEcuadorhttps://codefe.org/Ana Maria Nunez
CODEFEEcuadorhttps://codefe.org/Miriam Rizzo Sudario
Roadmak SolutionsEcuadorhttps://roadmak.com/en/Carla Villena
Roadmak SolutionsEcuadorhttps://roadmak.com/en/Juan Carlos Carvajal Arias
BQFUnited Kingdomhttps://www.bqf.org.uk/Diane Dibley
Excellence DanmarkDenmarkhttps://excellencedanmark.dk/Allan Ahrensberg
Team4excellenceRomaniahttps://team4excellence.ro/Ovidiu Acomi
Optima XXI Spainhttp://www.optima21.es/ Rafael Abajo
KalDer - Turkish Society for QualityTurkeyhttp://www.kalder.org/Sabri Bülbül
Quality Scotland Scotlandhttps://www.qualityscotland.co.uk/Anna Valeria Luciani
Quality Scotland Scotlandhttps://www.qualityscotland.co.uk/Susie Higgins
Quality Scotland Scotlandhttps://www.qualityscotland.co.uk/Ann Pike
Quality Scotland Scotlandhttps://www.qualityscotland.co.uk/Kathryn Bryce
Quality Scotland Scotlandhttps://www.qualityscotland.co.uk/Julius Veasey
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e. V.(DGQ)Germanyhttps://www.dgq.de/Martin Holzwarth
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e. V.(DGQ)Germanyhttps://www.dgq.de/Jochen Muskalla
C&B Business Management Consulting S.L.Spainwww.cybconsultoria.comJulio Gonzalez Bedia
NETS d.o.o.Slovenia www.nets.siUroš Gunčar 
CFyouradvantageGermanyhttps://cfyouradvantage.com/Christian Forstner
Quality Scotland Scotlandhttps://www.qualityscotland.co.uk/John Cannon
Quality ScotlandScotlandhttps://www.qualityscotland.co.uk/Melanie Thomson
Balance Excellence United Arab Emirateswww.balanceexcellence.comMohamed Shteawi
Excellence Pioneers Consultants Saudi ArabiaWWW.EXCPIO.COMMostafa Alem
Visionary Excellence Services Saudi Arabiawww.ves-sa.comWaleed Shaaban
Taheel Al Tamyuz Saudi Arabiawww.tamayuz.com.saSalah Edien Suleiman Ahmed
ITICSEgyptwww.iticsgroup.comWael Yahya
Averroes Business Advisory and ServicesQatarhttps://www.averroesadvisory.com/Rawhey El Dabagh
BQFUnited Kindgomhttps://www.bqf.org.uk/Paul Tarrant
BQFUnited Kingdomhttps://www.bqf.org.uk/Robert Row
BQFUnited Kingdomhttps://www.bqf.org.uk/Rita Green
BQFUnited Kingdomhttps://www.bqf.org.uk/Mike Bateman
BQFUnited Kingdomhttps://www.bqf.org.uk/Martyn Durant
INK Netherlandshttps://www.ink.nl/Ruus Stassen