EFQM Global Award

Exclusive programme for role model organisations who have demonstrated that they are a leader in their sector

The objective of the EFQM Global Award is to recognise outstanding organisations worldwide, whether private, public or not-for-profit. These organisations demonstrate an indisputable track record of success in turning strategy into action and the continuous improvement of their performance.

The EFQM Global Award is supported by one of the most challenging of assessment processes. To assess organisations and identify good practices, an international team of three to seven experienced business professionals, all trained in EFQM’s rigorous assessment process, spend one week on site. They interview individuals and groups, as well as review documents to analyse how effectively the organisation is performing in the delivery of its strategic objectives.

The feedback report prepared by the team of experienced business professionals, provides a wealth of value adding input to help the organisation improve at a strategic level. The report is then presented to an independent Jury that decides the level of recognition for each applicant organisation.
The interaction with the EFQM trained assessment team throughout the process will enable an organisation to gain expert insights to tackle its future challenges.

Key steps


By entering the EFQM Global Award 2020, organisations can derive significant value by:

  • Gaining international visibility for being one of the first organisations recognised against the new EFQM Model
  • Acquiring highly valued feedback that identifies and helps understand the gaps and possible solutions available, empowering progress and significant improvement in an organisation’s performance.
  • Showcasing their achievements within our global network of partners, comprising government bodies, household brands, corporate entities and non-profits.
  • Fully understanding the EFQM philosophy and the range of intelligence tools we offer, including how to apply them for effective results.
  • Motivating your people. The ambition and thrill to succeed inspires, motivates and energises your employees at all levels of the organisation in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

EFQM Global Award 2020

2020 is a year of transformation, both internally for EFQM and for the organisations we serve.

With the new EFQM Model we will also offer a rejuvenated and more challenging Award process as a key component within our transformation programme.

Key dates for the Award process based on the new Model:

  • Application deadline: until beginning of April 2020
  • Submission document uploaded via the EFQM Digital Platform: end of April 2020
  • 1-day meeting in Brussels with the assessment team: end of May- beginning of June 2020
  • Site-Visit: between June and mid-August 2020

We do however recognise that many organisations have been preparing for the EFQM Global Award for some time using our existing 2013 Model. Please do not worry because in 2020 we will be offering a parallel competition to crown the last ever winner of the EFQM Global Award based on the 2013 Model. For those who enter this competition, the added benefit will be a similarly fast turnaround and enhanced feedback report although the key dates differ, as shown below.

Key dates for the Award process based on the 2013 Model:

  • Application deadline: end of January 2020
  • Submission document submission: February 2020
  • 1-day meeting in Brussels with the assessment team: March 2020
  • Site-Visit: 20-24th April 2020

If you have any questions, please email us at recognition@efqm.org