EQUIP for Committed to Excellence

EQUIP for Committed to Excellence is a package that enables your organisation to complete a facilitated self-assessment and begin the submission process for recognition.

EQUIP for Committed to Excellence helps you to:
  • Fully understand your organisation’s current level of performance against the EFQM Excellence Model, prioritise and implement improvement activities, and gain meaningful recognition
  • Achieve tangible results from your improvement activities
  • Save time and resources when completing your Committed to Excellence submission
EQUIP for Committed Excellence includes:
  • Use of the EQUIP online tool
  • Committed to Excellence recognition for 3 years

There are two specially designed EQUIP tools to help organisations prepare for the appropriate level of Committed to Excellence. To purchase EQUIP please select the correct level for your organisation - if you are unsure, please contact us at equip@efqm.org to discuss it further.