The Rise of Dynamic Ecosystems

Companies are now surrounded by dynamic ecosystems of organisations that simultaneously collaborate and compete against each other. With thought leadership from European Institute for Purchasing Management (EIPM) EFQM has embarked to help organisations to tackle this challenge.

Value is created, delivered and experienced within business ecosystems where collaboration across diverse complementary organisations and stakeholders is effective. The transformation of organisations requires to identify, mobilise and collaborate with multiple external partners. Valuable collaborations can bring together organisations with very different capabilities, ways of working and culture. Excellent organisation succeed by developing and operating innovative and cohesive ecosystems. This include:

  • A leadership that supports the identification, development and implementation of relevant and effective external partnerships for sustained mutual benefits
  • A strategy that builds on a portfolio of external partnerships with established and incoming players who contribute to the mission and vision of the organisation
  • Talent and teams who are empowered, agile, and capable of leading cross-company efforts with organisations which have culture different to them, such as startups and NGOs
  • The management of partnerships and external resources that support efficiency gains, innovation, and the achievement of outstanding results
  • Process, Project, Products and Services where external players are extensively and systematically involved at every stage
  • Results that reflect the organisations’ ability to work with external players