• 90% of senior executives state their board supports innovation
  • only 45% think their employees have time to innovate
  • innovation drove 67% of labour productivity growth in the 2000s

Innovation has never been more important. Properly understood and applied it can help companies grow faster, be more agile and unlock new forms of value.

However, creating a self-sustaining culture of innovation can be hugely challenging.

Co-developed with the Centre for Competitiveness and powered by the Innovate XL software platform, the EFQM ‘Innovation Excellence Builder’ is the effective, common sense, time-efficient, end-to-end innovation solution. It streamlines and prioritises the whole process of innovation and delivers tangible outcomes.

“… to be successful, innovation… must be ingrained within the culture and DNA of the entire organisation. Everybody must be on board and in alignment with what it means and what it will take to get there.”  Theodora Lau, LinkedIn Top Voice For Economy and Finance 2017

By combining EFQM's best-practice methodologies with the Centre for Competitiveness’s extensive domain expertise - alongside a market-leading innovative software platform - the Innovation Excellence Builder programme aims to deliver higher revenue growth, organisational efficiencies, deeper employee engagement and improved customer loyalty.


About The Centre for Competitiveness

Established in 1989 as the Northern Ireland Quality Centre, the Centre for Competitiveness has been an active EFQM national partner since 1994 and during this time it has been a key contributor in the development of Excellence on the Island of Ireland. The Centre was the first in Europe to develop “Steps to Excellence” a forerunner to the EFQM levels of excellence. It contributed to the EFQM research “above the clouds” scoping trends and technologies that would shape the future of the business environment including the innovation imperative. The Centre operates from its offices in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter and Dublin’s Citywest Business Park. Functioning as a not-for-profit membership based business improvement organisation the Centre works across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, tourism, aerospace and the public sector.