Organisations are challenged by stakeholders and society at large on the role they play in taking responsibility for a sustainable world. Sustainability, seen as a way of doing responsible business rather than a predefined set of ad-hoc programmes and PR activities, is today not only a requirement for survival, but furthermore constitutes a long term competitive advantage.

At EFQM we consider sustainability & responsibility as a fundamental Excellence Builder and we developed, together with our thought leader STREAM, a specific value proposition to address this challenge and build on its opportunities. The EFQM Sustainability Excellence Builder helps organisations to:

  • Understand emerging sustainability challenges and build internal capabilities to manage Sustainability
  • Measure quantitatively and assess objectively their actual Sustainability maturity level
  • Benchmark and share knowledge with other organisations to become more sustainable

The EFQM Sustainability Excellence Builder

The Sustainability Excellence Builder is designed around three components which support an organisation in its journey towards Excellence in Sustainability in a structured and systematic way. The aim is to develop their in-house, long-term capacity to manage Sustainability issues (rather than outsource these activities), by providing respective knowledge, offering required implementation tools and facilitating knowledge sharing among peer organisations.