What are the Webinars about?

EFQM proposes a series of EFQM Informative Webinars and Expert Webinars which can be free thematic or sector specific.  These web-based seminars are your quick and user-friendly way to learn and share experiences without having to leave your desk.  These webinars are as effective as on-site presentations without the travel expense.  A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements -- the ability to give, receive and discuss information. 

EFQM Informative Webinars

The EFQM informative Webinars provide you an overview of the EFQM portfolio, services and products and give you an introduction on the Model, the Fundamental Concepts, the Assessment and Recognition Scheme and the Assessor Development Path.

Expert Webinars

These new webinars are one-hour online sessions delivered by experts presenting a specific theme, sharing some of his/her knowledge and interacting with the audience. Each session will allow you to explore an aspect of the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence with an experienced presenter providing concrete examples.

Do I need a specific software to register for a webinar?

The EFQM webinars are organised through the GoToWebinar online platform. There is no need to install any piece of software to attend one of the webinars

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