Fast change is now the business norm, by the time you solve your current issue the new challenge has already arrived. And although most of the challenges of today’s business are rather common in many sectors, organisations tend to face them on their own. It’s surprising how in this greatly connected, global world it is still hard to find the inspiration and the knowledge you need. With all the information pouring out of your computer pages it is still hard to know what is really happening out there in today’s business world, what is happening in another sector, are they facing similar challenges, or have they solved them already? how did they do that? Can I learn from their experience? Who should I talk to about it?

To help you face these challenges EFQM has created a diverse, global network of organisations. EFQM is a business hub where organisation from around the globe come together to learn, share and innovate using the EFQM Excellence Model as a compass.

We will help you face these challenges by connecting you with other organisations in our network and helping you to develop your people and redesign your organisation thank to cross-sector learning.


Get Connected

Connect with wide range of organisations and peers around the globe.

Get Inspired

Learn from the best organisations to redesign your business approaches and improve your business performance through online and face-to-face sharing events such as webinars and Good Practice Visits.

Cooperate & Co-create

Work actively with other organisations in Communities of Practice and create innovative solutions to common challenges.

Receive advice & support

Get personalised support and guidance from one of our trained Account Managers

Develop your People & the Excellence Drive

Use the cross-sector learning, additional training options and external assessments to develop your people and instil excellence drive in your organisation.

Enjoy Special Discounts

Take advantage of 20 - 30% discount on all our products and services.

Kai OstermannManaging Director, VAMED-KMB

"Living the EFQM Excellence Model helps us to meet and exceed our stakeholder's expectations and supports our striivng for sustainability. VAMED-KMB applies the EFQM Excellence Model since 2003, for 15 years now. During this time, it has received several national and international awards including four times the recognition a sPrize Winner at the EFQM Excellence Award in various categories "Succeeding through People" in 2010, "Nurturing Creativity and Innovation" in 2012, "Succeeding through the Talent of People" in 2013 and "Adding Value for Customers" in 2015."

Juergen MaierCEO, Siemens plc

"We live and breathe the EFQM Excellence Model because it covers all aspects of the organisation from leadership through to process excellence, throught to what we do to best motivate our people and of course the results we get in our organisation. The reason we are so committed to it is because over the uears we have shown that the businesses which use the EFQM Model very systematically are the ones which us the best business results over the long term."


The annual membership fee ranges from 1400 Euro to 11550 Euro depending on the annual turnover for business enterprises, the expense budget for governmental and public sector organisations, or the total assets for financial institutions for the scope of the membership.

The membership fee structure:

Annual Turnover Category Standard Fee
More than 1 billion Euros A €11,550
Between 100 million and 1 billion Euros B €5,750
Between 5 million and 100 million Euros C €2,800
Less than 5 million Euros D €1,400

We wish to work with future business leaders to fulfill EFQM's mission and create a sustainable future for Excellence. Thus, we established a special category for educational institutions (such as universities and schools). These organisations benefit from a low annual subscription fee of 1,150 Euro regardless of their size.



To apply for EFQM Membership, please complete the application form, including hand signed copies of the affiliation agreement (pages 6 and 7). These documents should be sent to us as a scanned copy. Additional documents which are required to complete your Membership are:

  • Latest annual report or similar information, clarifying the organisation's turnover or budget figures
  • An organisational chart outlining the position of the designated EFQM representative in your organisation


For more information, feel free to contact us at

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