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Cancellation Policy & Postponement Conditions: If you are unable to attend the course you may send a substitute at least 15 working days before the course with no additional charge. You must notify such changes to us as soon as possible. You may postpone your attendance one time only, but we require 15 working days’ notice. If you cannot meet this notice period, we will apply the cancellation policy. If you have to cancel your registration, please advise us in writing at least 15 working days before the course. Thereafter a cancellation charge of 80% is applicable. Postponements due to visa problems, will also incur an 80% cancellation fee. If the homework package has left our office at the moment of your cancellation, we will invoice the material, mailing costs. If you cancel too late but wish to postpone the participation, we will charge you only 40% of cancelation fee. If sufficient participation is not achieved, the EFQM reserves the right to cancel the course. *