Post Foundation Training Projects

The EFQM Foundation Training provides the core knowledge about the EFQM Model. In some cases, the training will have fulfilled the learning needs of an individual. In many cases, the individual will want to consolidate his/her learning by applying the theory to a practical task. The post-Foundation Training projects provide an opportunity to consolidate the learning, as well as being a pre-requisite for the EFQM Assessor, Practitioner and Lens training courses.

The circumstances for every individual will differ so the list of suitable projects is designed to provide flexibility.

Upon completion of the project, a summary sheet (link) should be completed and emailed to the person who delivered the Foundation Training.

Options for Projects

Choose one project from the following suggestions:

  • Conduct a simple assessment of an organisation against the EFQM Model (your organisation, your division, another business)
  • Be part of a team that prepares an organisation for a detailed assessment against the Model (e.g. assembling information for the assessors, briefing staff)
  • Conduct research into the benefits that organisations have gained from using the EFQM Model and produce a short summary of your findings (1000-2000 words)
  • Prepare a short presentation for colleagues to explain the EFQM Model and how it could benefit your organisation
  • Prepare a project plan for using the EFQM Model in your organisation or another organisation with which you are very familiar
  • Deliver a presentation to at least two work colleagues to summarise what you learned about the EFQM Model during the Foundation training
  • Conduct an exercise to map the EFQM Model against another comparable management or improvement framework (e.g. ISO standard)

Other comparable projects will be allowed with prior agreement of the Director of Training at EFQM.