EFQM’s training portfolio offers courses that support and help develop your ambitions to become skilled in the application of the EFQM Model. 

EFQM Foundation Training

This is the essential course for anyone who wants to find out about the EFQM Model and RADAR and how these tools can benefit an organisation. Whilst this training is effective as a stand-alone course, it is also the starting point for all EFQM qualification routes.

Post Foundation Training Projects

The EFQM Foundation Training provides the core knowledge about the EFQM Model. In some cases, the training will have fulfilled the learning needs of an individual. In many cases, the individual will want to consolidate his/her learning by applying the theory to a practical task. The post-Foundation Training projects provide an opportunity to consolidate the learning, as well as being a pre-requisite for the EFQM Assessor, Practitioner and Lens training courses.

The circumstances for every individual will differ so the list of suitable projects is designed to provide flexibility.

Upon completion of the project, a summary sheet should be completed and emailed to the person who delivered the Foundation Training.

EFQM Assessor Training

This course aims to equip participants to conduct a strategic assessment of an organisation as part of a high-performing EFQM assessment team. A case study based on a real company forms the basis for a simulated assessment. Participants are led through the various stages of the assessment whilst developing and practising their skills.

This 3-day course is the final stage in the EFQM Assessor qualification.

EFQM Certified Assessor Transformation Training

The new EFQM Model is here. It is the biggest change of the Model since its inception. After 12 months, 1200+ survey responses, 60+ C level interviews, 5 meetings of the core development team, innumerable telephone and video meetings and testing by 23 companies, from global to SME, corporate to public sector – the Model, its ethos and DNA will be transformed. .

Our first task is to ensure our communities of Partners and Assessors are fully equipped to understand and deploy the model.

EFQM Certified Assessor Transformation Training is a 2-day deep dive during which you will be taken through its purpose and vision, the key concepts behind the changes, the amendments we have made and the red threads through each section. You will also gain familiarity with the latest version of EFQM’s diagnostic tool (RADAR) and have the opportunity to practice using EFQM’s new digital platform and its Assess Base. Competency in using the Assess Base will be added to the desired competencies for our certified Assessors. Lastly, you will understand our reasoning and plans for the introduction of a number of Lenses that focus on specific management topics.