EFQM AssessBase

In a world of accelerated transformation, agility and competition, every organisation need to innovate, navigate complexity and collaborate.  From traditional assessments, mindsets and attitude, EFQM is moving forward digitising the customer journey with  its AssessBase.

What is the AssessBase?

A versatile assessment tool to help any organisation improve and manage change.

AssessBase helps organisations measure, track and improve performance in the areas they are most interested in.

How do organisations use AssessBase?

From start-ups looking to engineer fast growth, through to successful businesses dealing with a crisis, or multinationals keen to adopt a sustainability culture, AssessBase can help.  AssessBase can be used as a management tool to facilitate a series of internal reviews and assessments to track your organisation’s progress over time.  It can also be used as a ‘lens’ to focus on specific sectors or challenges – like creating an innovation culture, managing external disruption, or improving sustainability.  

Some of the uses for AssessBase include:

  • Managing change programmes
  • Understanding market disruption
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Managing risk
  • Building a new business or team
  • Managing continuous improvement
  • Benchmarking performance

How does AssessBase work?

AssessBase provides three levels of proven diagnostic tools, suitable for organisations of any size and maturity. They can be used individually or combined for a more holistic view.  Organisations can track progress, and shift resources to better reach their goals by scoring their performance over time. 


A “light touch” assessment, using a simple questionnaire, to help “curious/less mature” organisations identify their current position and determine potential improvement opportunities.

One complimentary access.  Multiple use available upon purchase of a Lens licence.

Business Matrix

This tool provides a more rigorous assessment referenced against all Criterion of the EFQM Model and provides a score on the RADAR elements. Using this tool, organisations can generate a more detailed understanding of their performance.

Business Matrix Advanced

This tool provides a complete assessment against all Criterion-parts of the EFQM Mode, the associated Guidance Points and score on the full RADAR Attributes. Using this tool, organisations can generate a detailed baseline on their performance and identify where they currently excel and where there are opportunities for improvement.

For more information or any technical questions, feel free to contact us at assessbase@efqm.org.

AssessBase Licences

One licence fee applies to the use of all the assessment tools per organisation or site. (The fees below are excluding taxes).

  • EFQM Members receive a number of licences to the AssessBase as part of their membership package.
    • Additional licence fee : 500€ per annum 
  • Non Members: 750€ per annum 
  • Additional Licence fee for the Lens tool:
    • EFQM Member : 150€/tool/per annum
    • Non Member: 200€/tool/per annum