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What is KnowledgeBase

A knowledge and resource hub providing exclusive curated content.

KnowledgeBase is your hub to support the organisational and performance challenges of your organisation or your role.

  • What are the best organisations doing to improve their performance?
  • How can I support my organisation in managing change and improving performance?
  • Where can I find inspiration, examples, tools to support my improvement projects?

You can find all of these and more in the KnowledgeBase

  • Articles, videos to expose you to the ideas that make a difference on Agility, Digitalisation, Innovation, Circular Economy, Gender Balance, Diversity & Inclusion, …
  • Insights and Success Stories described by recognised organisations and people that have researched and implemented them, providing you with a way to understand and raise your awareness of role model practices
  • Data boards to help analyse performance across region, sectors, and criteria, including reports from a Prevalence & Sentiment Analyser Engine on management tools from the EFQM Award submission documents
  • A series of tools to support your daily operations

This is all structured around the EFQM Model, megatrends and industry sector. It is also a platform for you to learn, network with others and share your knowledge and experience.

Value come from our individual and collective ability to transform knowledge into insights, action and results…

Once granted access, you will have the opportunity to contribute and share your success stories, insights, and role model practices within the EFQM Community by submitting your own content to the KnowledgeBase.

For more information or any technical questions, feel free to contact us at knowledgebase@efqm.org.

KnowledgeBase Licences

The price of subscription to the KnowledgeBase is per individual user. (The fees below are excluding taxes).

  • EFQM Members receive a number of licences to the KnowledgeBase as part of their membership package.
    • Additional licence fee : 150€/per annum
  • Non Members: 200€/per annum